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Software development

We provide support in the creation of calculation software for structure sizing as well as structural analysis using the FE method. For quick FE modeling of specific geometries with similar topology (such as bearings, rotor blades), we offer solutions for ABAQUS plug-ins or create custom plug-ins.

For dimensioning, we offer help through our online applications or supplementary advice on creating a geometry design during the design Phase.

ABAQUS Plugins

Licensable plugins

Individual plugins and Python scripts for ABAQUS save time on recurring modeling tasks and evaluations. You can use our plugins or we can create plugins according to your requirements.

Available plugins for automated modeling

  • Bearing model with inner ring, outer ring and non-linear rolling element stiffness
  • Rotor blade model based on BLADED, AERODYN or SIMPACK data for horizontal wind turbines
  • Rotor blade model for vertical wind turbines
  • Air gap stiffness for generator model
Online calculation applications

Unlocked online apps

The online apps are based on FORTRAN programs equipped with a simple WEB pre and post processor. Performance maps/charts can be calculated for wind turbines or fans. Rotor geometries in STEP Format can be created.


Performance chart calculation for horizontal wind turbines


Calculation of axial fans