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FE model building

The finite element method can be subdivided into the three phases of model creation / preprocessing, simulation / solving and post processing / analysis. We can assist in the entire simulation process, starting with the definition of the type of calculation and the level of detail of the virtual prototype up to the analysis of the results. Necessary geometric designs are just as important as the verification of the calculation model with solutions from analytical comparative approaches (if possible). We have particular experience with the consideration of contact formulations between components in order to take the force flow into account in a realistic manner.

Geometry creation

Geometry design

We create geometry data and designs after consultation/clearance, import CAD-data for meshing (e.g., STEP format) or meshed components without associated CAD-geometry.

Mesh generation

Geometry cleaning and discretization

On the basis of geometry specifications, we create a discretization adapted to the simulation target and pay attention to the necessary network qualities in the area of stress gradients or critical structural areas to be evaluated.


Boundary conditions

Boundary, contact and constraints

Depending on the system boundary of the calculation model, suitable boundary or initial conditions must be specified. In the case of quasi-static analyzes, these are e.g. Displacement and force constraints, temperature fields, contacts and constraints. We value mutual agreement with the client, thereby minimizing influences on the calculation results due to the need for modeling simplifications.